TapGoods, Dallas, has acquired Austin, Texas-based Reventals, a large online event rental marketplace. TapGoods says the acquisition marks a key step in its goal of leading the innovation and growth of the rental industry. 

TapGoods launched in 2017 as a cloud-based business management and e-commerce software solutions provider for the rental industry. The company says its robust, feature-rich software helps rental companies streamline operations, manage their businesses, and grow their profits, and that its acquisition of Reventals establishes TapGoods as the only rental SaaS (Software as a Service) company taking a true platform approach. 

This platform approach, TapGoods says, will drive innovation and create new sources of value for both rental companies and their customers. Automation removes pain points on both sides of the platform, making it easier for rental companies to grow while redefining the customer experience in terms of convenience, ease of use, order management and historical data, the company says.

“We are so excited to lead the way in revolutionizing the rental industry. While TapGoods has focused on removing pain points for rental companies, Reventals has done the same for renters. Together the companies will offer a transformative set of tools for the industry,” said Doug Levy, TapGoods CEO.

Reventals launched in 2019, less than a year before the pandemic crippled the event industry. The company says that as restrictions lifted and consumers made up for lost time, it experienced exponential growth. “I’m thrilled to join TapGoods and continue working with the team to accelerate the growth,” said Candace Leak, Reventals CEO. “My passion lies in elevating the customer experience, and that perfectly aligns with TapGoods’ mission.” 

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