Michael Tharpe, national sales manager, Rainier Industries, discusses staking in a TRD boot camp sponsored by ARA of Minnesota and hosted at Ultimate Events in Plymouth, Minn. in April 2019.

Michael Tharpe has announced his retirement from the Commercial Tent Division of Rainier Industries. His last day with the company will be January 16, 2023.

Michael joined the Rainier team in July of 2015. Michael settled in immediately as a teammate, mentor, leader and friend of Rainier’s Commercial Tent Division. His knowledge, relationships and participation within the various trade associations have helped define and grow sales inside and outside the United States.

“Michael is an outstanding partner to the Rainier team, our customers and our competitors. He has been dedicated to the tent rental industry for a lifetime and we will miss him greatly. We congratulate him on his retirement and look forward to hearing from him regularly as he enters the next stage of life – which he has worked hard for and deeply deserves .” Said Brian Rowinski, VP Shelter Division.

“My most rewarding accomplishment during my tenure in the tent industry is the impact I have made in making tent installations more safe and the personal relationships I have with our customers,” Michael says of his career. “These have made a lasting impression on me and I will always cherish them.”

Rainier is pleased to welcome Paul Buser to the sales team for the Commercial Tent Division. Paul has a rich history with Rainier as a customer and looks forward to his role within the organization. “Michael has left a lasting impression on the Commercial Tent industry for 30 years. I look forward to the opportunity to pick up where he leaves off,” said Paul. “He will be greatly missed.”

Rainier Industries and the Commercial Tent Division wish Michael the very best.

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