As part of their continual commitment to adopt more sustainable production methods, PARÁ will begin using the world’s first plant-based finish on all of its fabric offerings including Tempotest® Performance Fabrics.

PARÁ, a global leader in fabric development and production, has finalized its new PFAS-free finish, Teflon EcoElite™ and will be working towards converting all goods over throughout 2023.  This renewably sourced finish is the world’s first plant-based textile repellent and is up to three times more durable than other non-fluorinated, water repellent finishes. As a bio-based solution, its production leaves a smaller environmental footprint and is bluesign® approved.

This non-PFAS finish will be used across PARÁ’s entire fabric portfolio including their complete collection of Tempotest branded performance fabrics and will offer the industry’s best performing alternative to PFAS-based finishes.

Historically, Tempotest fabrics relied on PFAS chemistry to maximize the water and oil-based repellency.  It is important to note that the physical characteristics of the fabric (i.e. hand, color-fastness, strength, durability, etc.) will not be affected by this move away from PFAS-based finishing.  Therefore, the new generation of fabric will look and feel the same while offering the type of superior workability that has become synonymous with the Tempotest brand.

“Our new proprietary finish will offer our customers the perfect combination of environmentally friendly products and unmatched performance,” said Marco Parravicini, CEO of PARÁ.

PARÁ is very conscious of the environment and constantly looks to improve their processes to ensure everything they do is done with respect to sustainability, preservation of natural resources, and responsibility towards current and future generations.  These subjects are increasingly important today and are an intrinsic part of the company’s philosophy.

This is why PARÁ continues to set high sustainability targets which are realized through their continuous investment in research and development.  Most recently, their participation in the REACT project has led to the development of their very own “FABRICS FOR THE FUTURE” campaign.  This campaign focuses on the creation and expansion of sustainable performance fabrics.  The first of which, Tempotest STARLIGHT blue, is the world’s very first GRS-certified collection of awning and shade fabrics made from recycled PET due to its low environmental impact.  In fact, each roll of STARLIGHT blue fabric that is produced helps prevent 1,891 plastic bottles (16oz) from ever reaching landfills, striking the perfect balance of performance, quality, and sustainability.

PARÁ fabrics finished with the new PFAS-free chemistry will be covered by the same industry-leading warranties and continue to meet OEKO-TEX requirements and are fully REACH compliant.

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