The FabricLink Network (FLN), a textile education resource consisting of the websites FabricLink and The Technical Center, announced it is working with leaders in the textile industry to create The Textile Gateway, an online platform to introduce current students to the industry. The website is set to launch in the summer of 2024.

 “The mission of The Textile Gateway is to educate and encourage students at all levels; to outreach and promote career paths in the industry; and serve as a catalyst for future innovation,” says Tom Swantko, FLN director of the program.

The Textile Gateway will connect middle, high school, community college and trade school students with industry professionals, who will share their knowledge and insights through videos, webinars, panel discussions, interviews, podcasts and tours of textile facilities. Students will get a real-world perspective regarding the changing needs of the industry and the skills necessary to be successful. The site will also encourage the industry to develop active relationships with universities through collaboration, mentoring and internships.

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