Champion Thread Company, a manufacturer and marketer of industrial sewing threads, engineered yarns, and other textile and sewn products accessories, has opened a new thread and yarn dye house in Clover, S.C. Located in close proximity to its Gastonia, N.C., headquarters, the exceptional domestic manufacturing investment bolsters CTC’s customer service capabilities, product and operational sustainability, vertical capacity and local workforce.

According to Champion Thread President Matt Poovey,At a time when global supply chain disruptions and uncertainties abound, we are strengthening our capacity as the go-to, on-time supplier that our textile and sewn products customers need to meet fast-changing market needs. In addition to boosting our service, this investment supports our ongoing focus on building lean, flexible manufacturing operations and environmentally sustainable products and operations. Our teams’ impressive commitment to seeing us through the pandemic made this investment in the American textile workforce a simple decision for us.”

The new facility is one of only a few such dye houses built in the U.S. in a generation. The new facility enables CTC to quickly, efficiently, and locally dye its yarns and threads to speed deliveries, expand scheduling flexibility, reduce costs and ensure color accuracy.

The new dye house comprises many highly efficient and sustainable technologies. Key among these is low liquor ratio dyeing equipment that significantly reduces water usage and energy-efficient, on-demand boilers that substantially reduce dye house emissions. The CTC facility also has a state-of-the-industry dye lab, process automation, monitoring and control systems. The operation also increases local finish winding, twisting, and packaging capacity for threads and yarns.

To optimize all these innovative technology and processes, CTC is actively retraining existing team members and recruiting for new positions created as the new facility ramps-up production.

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