Airrex USA is changing its name to TEMP-AIR® Equipment Sales. The new name reflects the company’s expanded brand offerings, which include portable cooling, heating and air quality products that can be used as permanent or temporary solutions.  

TEMP-AIR® Equipment Sales, which is based in Waco, Texas, has a nationwide distribution network that sells portable air conditioners, electric heaters, dehumidifiers, air filtration units and combination heating/cooling units known as heat pumps. The company has exclusively sold Airrex products but is now expanding to offer additional brands – thus the name change to TEMP-AIR® Equipment Sales. 

In addition to Airrex portable air conditioners and heat pumps, TEMP-AIR® Equipment Sales will also offer Vector and Big Ass Fans evaporative coolers, Flagro direct- and indirect-fired heaters and Medify Air light commercial air purifiers. 

The company is known for its personal customer service, extensive inventory and ability to quickly provide units to meet customer needs. In addition to a new name, the company recently moved to a larger facility in Waco to meet growing demand from customers across the country. 

“We’re excited that our relationships with our distributors and customers in industries like healthcare, education, manufacturing, technology, government, telecom and transportation have made it possible for us to expand our facility and the brands we offer,” said Mike Paulson, TEMP-AIR® Equipment Sales’ general manager. “We will still offer the strong Airrex products that have been the foundation of our business, and we’ll now be able to offer our customers even more options to meet their heating and cooling needs.” 

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