If they aren’t recycled, discarded textiles are often incinerated or end up in a landfill like this one. Photo: Creative Commons

Accelerating Circularity is an action-oriented nonprofit focused on scaling textile-to-textile recycling through a collaborative approach. The mission is to create new supply chains and business models to turn spent textiles into mainstream raw materials in order to divert tons of textile waste from landfills and incineration. As part of that mission, Accelerating Circularity is releasing a comprehensive directory of international recyclers available today to catalyze connections between recyclers and the rest of the textile value chain including collectors, mills, brands, and retailers.

The comprehensive directory of textile recyclers is inclusive of the various commercial technologies for chemical and mechanical recycling of polyester and cellulosics. The catalog details the different aspects of each recycler, such as location, feedstock fiber type, restrictions, etc. The information can be organized and filtered by users in the Airtable platform in such a way that certain criteria can be input and information extracted to allow the recyclers of specific capabilities to be pinpointed. 

Accelerating Circularity has proven to be a leading textile-to-textile circularity information resource as they have researched, mapped, and modeled capabilities to transition from a linear to a circular value chain. The aim is to create new linkages and to pilot textile-to-textile capabilities through trials in process currently in the United States and Europe.

“Circularity is a team sport!” said Karla Magruder, founder and president of Accelerating Circularity. “We are a shareholder led collaborative focused on scalability, viability, and transparency. Our partners are leaders in the apparel industry and even competitors are engaged with the intent to make circularity a reality.”

The directory will be regularly updated by ACP as it grows and more details are collected. The catalog will be available through Airtable to allow these updates to be instantly received by users. 

The directory is accessible on the Accelerating Circularity website– https://www.acceleratingcircularity.org/tools

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