bluefiber acoustic brand combines a wide range of highly efficient, polyester-based acoustic materials. Owing to their excellent sound absorption properties, the lightweight textile materials offer an ideal basis for individual interior design concepts, creating a pleasant living space. Self-supporting panels and pads are available in different thicknesses, performance types and color versions, offering custom-made solutions for each specific application. bluefiber products are ready to use, combining function and design.

Smart acoustic polyester has additional advantages over other materials: It is resistant to ageing and to various environmental influences. bluefiber products are therefore durable and, owing to their open-pore structure, efficiently dampen sound – free of harmful substances and entirely without chemical additives. In comparison with wood or other fibrous materials, polyester is also considerably lighter, the fibers are more resistant to breakage, and thus the products are easier to handle. Our bluefiber products are flame-resistant and tested according to EN 13501.

bluefiber also stands for responsibility and transparency in all areas. 100-percent single-polymer and therefore fully recyclable at the end of their service life, these high-tech products themselves are largely made from recycled PET bottles. They are odorless and, in contrast to other fibrous materials, do not pose health risks to workers or users.

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